Artible City

The city's art outlet.

Entertainment has never been easier.

People connecting and exploring without limits. 

Connect with entertainment professionals for hire. Attend diverse functions in your city.

Near and far

People need help finding the entertainment provider. Entertainment providers are often left wondering wheres the gig. We're here to help.

Share with others

Connect with eachother, build business relationships, and share it with the world.

Today's fun

Find events and diverse pop-ups happening in your city.


Every city has a different music scene, and musicians are at the heart of it. Find one for your event, book one for the studio, and more.


When you want to make plans, we'll have the options. Date nights, shows, and unique destinations.


From cars to exotic animals, whether it's for a movie or music video, bring your vision to life with an exotic choice.

Create the independent way

For years now, entertainment business models have been outdated. From artist not understanding their business to being taken advantage of by record labels, from small businesses not knowing where to go to boost their current location’s sales. The digital revolution has brought in a whole new playing field and it’s time to balance it out. It’s time for change.

Artible City is a location-based App for professional creatives and entertainment consumers in your city. Via a profile providers can display their work, connect their social networks, interact with new and existing clients, and expand their network. Artists and consumers can learn about new services, experiences, offers, and opportunities in their city, book entertainment professionals, and bring their visions to life, all while providing the provider with an on-demand Uber option to include in their booking fee, and that's just the beginning.

The creative sector is in desperate need of modernization, and we're proud to be a company led by visionaries that recognized the issue and are currently working hard to help you achieve it. With additional features in the works, we'll be shaking things up and addressing a slew of issues along the way - our platform will benefit locals while also giving dreamers hope.

Are you Artible in your city?

Artible City. Coming soon!

Built in Texas

That means it’s awesome. Built in San Antonio, made for the world. Artible City is the app built for arts and entertainment in your city. #BeArtible